Egea is a firm that comes from a family that is lovers of tradition and authenticity, whose dream is to create unique and handmade products, aimed at people who follow their own style, who appreciate the elegance, functionality and beauty of our material. prime cousin, the skin.

Heritage and tradition

Egea comes from a family with a passion for fashion that has focused on creating modern products following the knowledge acquired over several generations. This philosophy inherited by maintaining tradition, born of love and affection for work well done and at hand, leads us to seek excellence in everything we create and do.


We seek a different lifestyle, without conventionalism or prejudice. We want to perfectly fit the conventional and the trend, creating timeless products that can be inherited generation after generation. Through color and its infinite combinations we want to inspire positive emotions and share the joy and passion to live, no matter how old you are.

Quality and sustainability

Our commitment to use high quality raw materials and in the improvement of the manufacturing process makes our products maintain their nobility and meet high standards of quality and durability.

All our products are handmade by hand and always using 100% Spanish bovine leather, respecting the characteristics of the material, such as small wrinkles and scars on the surface of the skin, as they represent symbols of nobility, distinction, beauty and authenticity. To get a quality product we went to Ubrique, the birthplace of leather goods in Spain, in search of the best craftsmen to produce their handbags.

Express yourself: what matters is you

We understand fashion as a way of thinking and of expression. Fashion marks the personality and unique lifestyle of each individual. That's why we want to make a difference. We want that with our products you feel that you have the ability to define yourself in front of the collective, to reinterpret yourself with each outfit, to enjoy every detail.

It is about creating items for a modern and off-road woman who needs a good bag where she can take everything, have it organized and at hand. A quality complement that supports the day to day, versatile and that works for all occasions: going to work, shopping, a dinner with friends or a more formal meal.

Superior Taste

We understand elegance as a way of being, with special attention and taste for small details. We are demanding with the work we do, so we never stop inquiring and we continue improving to always offer you a superior product.