Sustainable Skin

A world in which we want to be

Elegance, functionality and beauty are three of our hallmarks. But above them we have a motto: that at the same time they are sustainable products in an industry that cares about the environment. We want to contribute making the world we would like to be in, to do our bit to achieve the planet we dream of.

Reuse of resources

For all these reasons, in Egea we advocate the exclusive use of sustainable skins; that is, we work with high quality raw materials, skin 100% of vaccine and Spanish origin and that come only from the food industry. In this way it is granted a second life without generating unnecessary surpluses.

Quality and nobility

All this is guaranteed by a meticulous manufacturing process that makes our products maintain their nobility and meet high standards of quality and durability, two interdependent and essential values in the philosophy of Egea. Egea vindicates sustainable fashion with designs that never go out of style and last over time, thus stopping mass production.

  • We use 100% worked leather in Spain
  • We take as a raw material the skin that is discarded in the food industry, in synergy with other sectors.
  • We work with expert tanners who respect the physiognomy of the skin, such as small wrinkles and scars on the surface as they represent symbols of nobility, distinction, beauty and authenticity.
  • The tanning process is carried out with plant ingredients that are harmless to the environment and harmless to humans.
  • The metal parts we use are free of the chemical components that cause allergies, so its use is suitable for all types of people.